Darwin Tutoring Programs

At our Learning Centre in Darwin, we provide educational services for students who are keen to catch up, keep up and get ahead. We aim to provide the best possible programs, staff, resources and learning environments for students in and around Darwin. Since 1997 we have helped over 2000 students.

Our convenient location in Parap offers easy access to families from far and wide. We believe that children who are confident in their ability will be more likely to attempt and follow through with tasks. Many children do not feel confident and sometimes parents are unsure if their children are trying hard enough. A large part of what we do involves helping students to develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem so they can get full value from their time at school and make the most of their abilities. We will discuss your child’s needs and plan a program that will lead to improved performance.

Our Programs and Workshops

Success in learning comes from specific expertise, the right environment and gentle nurturing